How to Adjust your Digital Marketing Strategy and Social Ways in a Time of Crisis.

The power of social media is clear to people all over the world now that there is a global pandemic of Corona Virus (COVID-19). Social Media is so much more than just selling products.

Imagine what isolation would be like if there was no social media for people to connect, stay informed and search out lighter moments of laughter to relieve the stress everyone is feeling.

Apart from being a way of connecting people, social media has proven to be an irreplaceable tool for businesses, governments, and nonprofits who are vigilant in staying connected with their employees, customers, and communities.

However, some businesses do not know how to adjust their digital strategies in this time of crisis.

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1. Communicate directly and openly with customers.

If your brand is open and authentic, you will be able to build trust among your customers.

The only way to build trust is by communicating directly and openly with your customers especially during a crisis when everyone is feeling vulnerable.

Post often on social media and show concern. Send those emails and messages to your distribution list.

Use the right tones like heartfelt, supportive or edgy. In short, use the tone that fits the character of your brand and the kind of message you want to convey.

However, the most important thing here is to be very honest and provide value.

2. Ask How You Can Help.

I suggest that we need to view our businesses and customers through the lens of grief. Every single person I know is experiencing loss right now.

That loss may be related to economic or employment factors, the freedom to travel, social life with weddings or celebrations… the list could go on.

People are grieving and that means the tone of the country (and much of the world) is somber and fearful.

If your business isn’t absolutely relevant right now, your customers may not be interested in you no matter what you do; working harder may not make a difference.

So, how do you continue to do business?

Rather than a hard sell, consider how you might talk to a grieving friend. Ask, “What can I do for you?”, “What do you need from me and my company right now?”, “How can our business ease your pain in this time of loss?”

3. Inform Customers of COVID-19’s Effects on Your Industry.

The continuation of business during this unprecedented ordeal varies across industries.

Companies that conduct a good amount of business online have been able to shift to teleworking, while some small restaurants have resorted to shutting down temporarily.

However, this pandemic is affecting your business or industry overall, be sure to share announcements with your customers. This could mean pinning a banner to your website, sending out an email blast, or posting on social media platforms.

Notifying customers of your business’ current tweak of processes will relieve any panic they may have, and alert them of limitations in services before they decide to pick up the phone and inquire.

Even if your business hasn’t seen much change as a result of the pandemic, it’s still a good idea to recognize this crisis and show your support for those who are ill.

A simple email or social media post will remind customers that you have their backs — and that your company values much more than just its bottom line.

4. Use your online advertising budget wisely.

Internet activity has really skyrocketed globally.

Since people are self-isolating, naturally they are turning to their smartphones and laptops to check the news, search the web and hear what everyone is saying.

In a crisis like this, impressions and page views tend to shoot up. It will be a bit difficult for you to get thee extra page views to convert.

So while the Cost per 1000 Impressions (CPMs) will decrease, the Conversion Rates will decline as well. Sometimes this will get so steep that it will make the Cost per Acquisition (CPAs) become even higher.

Do you know what this means?

You should focus on changing your digital strategy to pay for Clicks only rather than focusing on impressions.

Look for channels that use Cost per Click (CPC) and advertise on them and forget about the CPM payment models.

5. Think of ways to fit your product or offer to the current situation.

This is the time to get extra creative when it comes to connecting a product and how your customers can benefit from it during this time of crisis.

Look for your customers’ pain points and provide a solution for it.

Since people are confined at home, you can provide a door to door deliveries.

If you are offering services, create a platform where people can still acquire your services online.

6. Build goodwill with special offers.

Building goodwill and faith in your customers really goes a long way during this time of crisis.

Show your clients that you are in this together. Help the community and customers and build goodwill along the way.

I have seen many businesses participate in charity work to help people cannot sustain themselves in terms of basic needs during this self-isolation period.

Such actions should be publicized in the form of vlogs, blogs, and social media to show your audience that you care.

If you are selling products, find out if you are financially viable to offer discounts, vouchers and extended subscriptions for a certain period.

7. Work strategically and efficiently.

Since most of the employees are working from home, it is a bit tricky to balance work and spending time with family.

It is therefore important to find a way to manage your time better.

Here are a few tips.

  • Focus on short-term results – Try and focus on what you can achieve in the next few days since the situation is uncertain.
  • Be patient and cautious with your messages – The messages you put out there is very crucial. You do not want to jump into a wave and end up negatively affecting your business. Make sure you craft your messages with care and authenticity.
  • Focus on opportunities – During a time of crisis like this, it is easy to be all negative and anxious about how all this is going to affect your business in the long run. Learn to focus on the positive and find a few opportunities you could utilize during this time.
  • Move budgets to brand and awareness – This is not the time to focus on converting your audience to customers. Try and focus on creating awareness and you will be surprised you’re your brand will be at the top of your client’s minds until the pandemic is over.

8. Reinforce Stability.

Seize on this opportunity to do organic and paid strategies that are the opposite of what’s currently going around: fear.

Fear-based marketing can be effective but it’s temporary and can be damaging for you in the long run.

Long-term businesses stick around by reinforcing the opposite of fear: stability.

Stability and predictability should be what you’ve always offered in the past and what you should continue to offer now and in the future, global pandemic or not.

Analyze what you can bring to your customers, both current and potential, and figure out how your message can rise above the noise.

Connect with your customers and offer them value, consistency, and hope.

9. Leverage Video to Stay Connected.

When we can’t meet people face to face, video is an excellent tool.

I recommend that social media marketers step up their use of video.

10. Move anything you can online.

So many businesses are suffering because public gatherings and face-to-face meetings have been restricted. Many have had cancellations, lay-offs, and closures.

This is the time to focus on online lead generation.

A good example is by running webinars, keeping in touch with employees through video meetings and having virtual gatherings for those who offer services to clients.

You can also implement e-learning programs and online meetings to ensure continued learning and development among staff members.

In short – move all marketing and internal activities online and leverage virtual tools until life returns to normal.


I hope these tips will help your business remain sane during this global pandemic. While we all ride out the corona storm, wherever you are located, the Becor Designs team wishes you, your families and your businesses good health. Remember, we’re in this together, and we’ll come out of this together!


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