Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

UX/UI, Wireframing, Development, System Integration, Technical Support, Monitoring


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Project Description:

In collaboration with Seacrest Technology, we embarked on a comprehensive project in 2017 for the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), aimed at redesigning and maintaining online resources for the prestigious AGRF (Alliance for a Green Revolution Forum) forum and AFP (Africa Food Prize). The Africa Food Prize recognizes exceptional individuals and institutions that lead transformative efforts in African farming, turning it from a struggle for survival into a thriving business. Our multifaceted engagement encompassed website assessment, online registration system implementation for the event, redesign proposal, website maintenance, technical support for live events, and much more.

Client Requirements:

  • Website Audit: We conducted an in-depth evaluation of the AGRF and AFP websites, focusing on accessibility, content quality, user-friendliness, maintenance ease, content retrieval, intuitiveness, relevance, and overall design.
  • AGRF 2017 Registration: We designed, build and integrated an online registration system for AGRF 2017 using CVent, ensuring a seamless and efficient registration process (event and hotel) for delegates from all over the world coming to Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.
  • Website Redesign Proposal: Based on our assessment, we proposed a redesign plan, adhering to corporate guidelines and minimizing user disruptions. The redesign aimed to improve layout design, navigation, usability, and overall user experience.
  • Website Maintenance: Our responsibilities included managing and maintaining the AFP website, including the online nomination process and providing timely reports to the AFP secretariat.
  • Technical Support for Events: We played a vital role in identifying sound and audiovisual technical requirements for the AGRF 2017 launch and forum in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.
  • Website Analytics: Monitoring website traffic and delivering periodic reports on website reach, aligning with the Secretariat’s requirements.

Our Responsibilities:

During this project, responsibilities were multifaceted:

  • Technology Stack Selection: We advised the client on selecting the appropriate technology stack for the project, ensuring it aligned with the project’s requirements and objectives.
  • Backend Development: We undertook the development of the entire website’s backend, ensuring robust functionality and data management.
  • Frontend UI Development: Collaborating with the Lead Designer, we ware responsible for coding the frontend user interface, incorporating feedback and guidance to deliver an engaging and user-friendly design.

Technology Stack Used:

  • Database: MySQL
  • Frontend Framework: Bootstrap, WordPress
  • Web Technologies: HTML5, PHP 5.6.33, jQuery 1.4.2, embed JS, Google Font API
  • cVent Event Platform


We adopted the Scrum Agile methodology, allowing us to efficiently organize our efforts over the six-month project duration.


Our collaboration with AGRA resulted in the successful redesign and maintenance of their web resources:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The website redesign significantly improved user-friendliness, navigation, and content accessibility.
  • Efficient Registration: The CVent-integrated registration system streamlined the AGRF 2017 registration process.
  • Consistent Maintenance: We ensured that the AGRF and AFP websites and their components operated smoothly, providing timely reports to the AGRF secretariat.
  • Technical Excellence: Our support in identifying technical requirements for live events contributed to the seamless execution of AGRF 2017 in Cote d’Ivoire.
  • Informed Decision-Making: By monitoring website traffic and offering insightful analytics, we facilitated data-driven decision-making.

This case study highlights our substantial contributions to the AGRA project, focusing on website redesign, maintenance, and technical support for a globally recognized initiative in agricultural transformation. Our dedication to improving user experiences and delivering innovative technical solutions reflects our commitment to excellence in web development.

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