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2022, 2023

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Project Overview:

The RISK website transformation project was initiated to modernize and enhance the online presence of the RISK Show, a well-established platform for storytelling and live performances. This project required a strategic blend of front-end and back-end development, UI/UX design, content management, and project management.

Key Phases and Achievements:

  • Website Management and Updates: The project initially involved managing and updating the existing RISK website (https://www.risk-show.com/). This maintenance phase addressed immediate issues and ensured uninterrupted service to the show’s audience.
  • Recommendation for Overhaul: Recognizing the need for a more significant upgrade to the website, our team recommended a complete overhaul. This overhaul was aimed at improving the look and feel of the site and enabling the delivery of new functionalities requested by the client.
  • Team Expansion: To execute the overhaul effectively, we expanded our team. In addition to front-end development, we brought onboard a back-end developer to enhance functionality.
    Our dedicated UI/UX designer was engaged to craft an appealing and intuitive user interface.
    Our content manager was enlisted to create and organize engaging content.
  • Project management was handled to ensure seamless coordination among team members.
  • Website Overhaul: The overhaul phase was an intensive four-month process that included a complete revamp of the website’s design and layout.
    New features and functionalities were integrated to meet the client’s requirements.
    A focus on user experience (UX) was a central part of the redesign to improve visitor engagement and navigation.
  • Stakeholder Approval and Launch: Following the overhaul, the client approved the changes and the website was officially launched. This new website presented an attractive and functional platform for RISK Show audiences.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and SEO: Post-launch, the project transitioned into an ongoing maintenance phase. This includes regular updates, content management, and search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure the website remains up to date and discoverable.

Technological Solutions:

The transformation leveraged a wide array of technologies and tools, including web design best practices, responsive web development to cater to mobile users, content management systems, and SEO strategies for visibility and reach.

Focus on User Experience:

The project had a strong focus on enhancing the user experience. The new design and layout improved user engagement, ease of navigation, and overall satisfaction with the site.

Results and Impact:

The RISK website overhaul had a significant impact on the RISK Show’s online presence. The modern and functional design, alongside new features, contributed to increased user engagement and a seamless browsing experience.

Ongoing Success:

The ongoing maintenance of the website, coupled with SEO efforts, ensures that the RISK Show remains discoverable and relevant in the digital landscape. This project demonstrates the value of not only website development but also continuous care and improvement.

Client Testimonial:

“Joel is a pleasure to work with and great at what he does. He’s personable, responsive, attentive and forward thinking, and he was a huge help to us in redoing the website for our podcast and storytelling school. We highly recommend working with Joel for all of your website needs.” – JC Cassis, RISK Show.

This case study exemplifies how a holistic approach to website transformation, encompassing both design and functionality, can lead to a successful and thriving online presence.

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